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Individual Coaching:

Mental skill development designed to meet the demands of the competitive environment while tailored to the specific performer. Our mental performance fundamentals are designed to be the applicable and optimal skills needed to benefit in individual performance. 


Team Coaching:

Mental performance skill development that supports your team's overall performance through enhancing culture, leadership, and in meeting the specific psychological demands of the competitive environment. We routinely teach our proprietary Core Principles of Mental Strength, foundations of trust, and the development of core values and commitment for sustainable motivation. 


We have a natural drive to thrive, adapt, evolve, and grow. But too often we frame business and sport only through the narrow lens of outcomes. By doing so we’re missing the real foundation for sustained high-performance success.


The high-performance sports environment and the world of business have similar needs and demands. Each have instances of consequence that require the “competitor” to have clarity and calm during distracted and tense moments. The ability to respond clearly in those difficult scenarios can prove to be what distinguishes a good year from a great year.


How we lead, our ability to understand our own pressure points and those of others, our split-second decision making, leadership, and building of long-term motivation are paramount. However, they aren’t talents we’re simply born with, but rather insight and skill driven. Essentially, not only can we gain understanding of them - but we can also improve them.

Our Corporate Coaching services are designed for companies and leaders that know that ultimate success begins by training the mind. 

WellPerformance is all about learning to have both outcome success AND a core-values-driven pursuit with truly strong mental performance skills. “Winning” is simply a by-product of a solid process.


There are no tricks. No hacks. No promises of outlandish outcomes. What we do promise is that if you invest in the process we know that you’ll grow and become better at your role, you’ll gain greater clarity on what it is that you want and value from your work, have increased control of your stress and emotions and that you’ll sustain focus and direction. When you develop these skills, the byproduct is that you’ll more consistently be in a position for success. 

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